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Pink dresses for poorly trained player

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Roberto Fernandes, the coach of Brazilian soccer team Figueirense, has discovered an unusual technique to motivate his players who aren’t giving their best during training by making them wear pink dresses.

The first victim of the punishment was midfielder Jairo, who caught the attention of the whole country last week as his image wearing a pink blouse during Wednesday's training made the front page of nearly all the newspapers throughout Brazil, Xinhuanet reports.

Although embarrassed, Jairo did not consider the treatment to be cruel and it did serve to motivate him to practice all full speed.

Accroding to Fernandes, the idea came from his own players and not himself. The point was to punish the player who performed the worst in the team's previous day of practice.

He also said that under the previous coach, the player who performed worst in training was made to wear a tee-shirt bearing the inscription "boaster".

However, the punishment came under fire from coaches, athletes and lawyers throughout the country.

Former Real Madrid boss Vanderlei Luxemburgo, now the coach of Palmeiras, showed his disapproval of Fernandes' method. "I didn't like it one bit," said Luxemburgo. There are many others way of motivating your athletes."

"The same rules of respect towards the dignity of a person apply to ordinary workers just as they do to soccer players," declared the president of Brazilian Association of Lawyers, Cezar Britto.

Britto considered the act of Fernandes making his player wear a pink blouse during practice as "moral abuse."

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