Effenberg labels Beckham 'underhand player'

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Former Bayern Munich midfielder Stefan Effenberg has mocked David Beckham for his "underhand" way of playing.

Beckham and Effenberg faced each other in the Champions League final in 1999 when Manchester United netted twice at the death to sink Bayern.

Effenberg, asked by German newspaper Bild about his duels with the AC Milan loan star, said: "I played against Beckham and Roy Keane. But Beckham was the more underhand of the pair. Roy Keane was hard and fair. He came from in front, knocked you away, everything was wonderful.

"But Beckham always came from behind, in the Achilles, I didn't like that.

"You didn't see him, and suddenly he clobbered you from behind in the tendon. No, Beckham was underhand."

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