Crazy hitch-hikers on their way to South Africa

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Two die hard England fans are taking the budget option to the 2010 World Cup by hitching to South Africa.

Rather than fork out thousands on a package trip, Andrew Grady, 32, and Simon Wilson, 41, are relying on their thumb, a £9.47 tent, and the goodwill of strangers to get them to the Rainbow Nation.

The boys left on April 28 and hope to be in South Africa in time for England's second group match against Algeria in Cape Town on June 18.

Mr Grady told the News of the World: "People reckon I'm mad but this is the trip of a lifetime.

"I kept hearing about the sky high prices people were paying to get to South Africa and figured there must be a cheaper way.

"I hitched a lot in my youth and never had any problems. So when a mate joked that I should hitch all the way to the World Cup I thought 'why not?'"

He added: "We're ready for tears, tantrums, joy and despair - not to mention the perils of border crossings, banditry, and sunstroke - on the way.

"We've already had some interesting successes and setbacks; like getting a TV show in Spain to put an appeal out for someone to give us a lift, then getting picked up five minutes later, and having to hitch 120 miles out of our way in Morocco to sort Visas for the rest of our trip.

"We know it'll be tough going, but we're holding out for the ultimate happy ending - England lifting the World Cup."

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