Harry Redknapp comes out of retirement to bring Britain's worst team to victory

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Harry Redknapp comes out of retirement to bring Britain's worst team to victory
Photo: @Specsavers

Former Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp has taken charge of "Britain's worst team" and led them to a victory.

It has been seven years since the former West Ham United, Southampton and Portsmouth manager was last in the dugout.

Now he has taken on the challenge of transforming the fortunes of Cwm Albion, a struggling amateur team in Wales, in a project backed by Specsavers.

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Albion was formed more than 100 years ago and currently play in the Swansea Senior League.

Despite their history, they have struggled for results, losing every single game last season with a goal difference of minus 191.

Their star player is 73-year-old John Rees, whilst goalkeeper Jamie MacDonald is still looking for his first clean sheet ten years into his time with the club.

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But in a remarkable turn of events, under Redknapp's guidance, Albion secured a dramatic 3-2 comeback victory against third-placed Birchgrove Colts.

A beaming Redknapp said after the match:

I've been everywhere, I've been to Real Madrid, Milan, Old Trafford, Anfield and I've ended up here.

Oh my God, how exciting was that and what a goal from Shayne. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that.

I was so into that game. I'm just as excited today as when Tottenham beat Milan 1-0 in Milan. This was just as exciting for me today.

Albion's dismal record saw Specsavers step in, with the opticians first turning to the 77-year-old for help.

When I got the call up from Specsavers, I didn't know what to expect.

The team's 191-goal difference certainly caught my eye, but after meeting the lads, you can't doubt their determination.

They're a real close unit, and their hard work is already starting to pay off, with the lads securing their first win in three years.

With the right training and guidance, I'm hopeful that these victories will continue throughout the season.

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