Raucous Arsenal fans disrupt Harry Kane's pitchside interview

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Raucous Arsenal fans disrupt Harry Kane's pitchside interview
Photo: @HKane

Arsenal fans hung around after the Gunners' 2-2 draw with Bayern Munich on Tuesday to sing anti-Tottenham Hotspur chants at Harry Kane.

Kane predictably received plenty of stick from Arsenal supporters as the former Spurs striker returned to North London for the first time since leaving for Bayern last year.

The Gunners faithful were keen to give him quite the send-off when he did his post-match interview pitchside on TNT Sports.

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Though the stadium had largely emptied by the time the interview took place, a group of home supporters stayed behind to watch their former foe chat to Laura Woods, Rio Ferdinand and Martin Keown.
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Arsenal fans then loudly performed their "What do you think of Tottenham? chant" as Kane spoke, clearly picked up on TV cameras.

The 30-year-old kept his cool throughout, although he couldn't resist a wry smile as he responded to the catcalls.

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Asked by host Laura Woods if he missed getting stick from Arsenal fans, Kane replied: "I think they have a soft respect for me."

To which Ferdinand quipped: "They love him here, don't they."

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