Stunning Italian TV presenter opens up on sexist abuse in media industry

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Stunning Italian TV presenter opens up on sexist abuse in media industry
Photo: Instagram/dilettaleotta
Italian TV presenter Diletta Leotta has spoken out about the sexist abuse she has faced throughout her career.

The fiancee of Newcastle United goalkeeper Loris Karius is a reporter known for her work as a presenter for DAZN in Italy.

Leotta, who boasts more than nine million followers on Instagram, has now revealed the harsh criticism she faced from the outset.

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Speaking in an interview with F Magazine, the sexy 32-year-old said:
The worst thing was, "You're only here because of your t**s." A colleague from Sky Sport told me how people were talking about me.

I had just arrived, I was twenty years old. It hurt like crazy. At home that evening I let out a liberating cry.

That brought out the lion in me, I learned a lot. I got my degree [in law] so that no one could ever say something like that to me again.

Leotta continued to share her negative experiences in broadcasting and claimed that most discriminatory statement have come from women.
The problem is female competition. We sit in positions that are normally occupied by men, like in football.

Leotta and Karius began dating in October 2022 before having a child in August the following year and then getting engaged in February this year.

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