Fans risk hefty fines for wearing fake shirts at Euro 2024

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Fans risk hefty fines for wearing fake shirts at Euro 2024
Photo: PA
Supporters at Euro 2024 could face a hefty fine of up to €5,000 if they are found to be wearing fake football shirts.

The price of official football shirts has reached staggering figures, prompting fans to explore more affordable options.

Counterfeit jerseys, which closely mimic the appearance of official merchandise, have become increasingly popular due to their lower price point.

Whilst this isn't an issue in some countries, it could be a huge problem for fans travelling to Germany.

Germany enforces anti-counterfeit laws through the German Trademark Act, meaning the distribution, sale and possession of fake designer goods is prohibited.

If found carrying counterfeit items, fans could receive a penalty of up to €5,000.

German authorities are known to frequently conduct random checks, particularly at major transport points and event venues to crack down on counterfeit merchandise.

In addition to the crackdown on counterfeit jerseys, fans attending Euro 2024 in Germany may also face fines for drinking alcohol in public, jaywalking, littering, and breaking curfew regulations.

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