Chinese vlogger recounts racial harassment from Real Madrid fans

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Chinese vlogger recounts racial harassment from Real Madrid fans
A Chinese vlogger was subjected to racist and sexist remarks from one of Real Madrid fans after the Champions League final earlier this month.

The Spanish giants have a significant fanbase in China, having an official Chinese version of their online store.

Unfortunately, there was a video circulating online on Chinese social media site Weibo, where a vlogger recalled a racist incident after interviewing fans outside Wembley following Madrid's Champions League victory.

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The video shows a fan responding to their nationality by singing a Spanish song said to contain racial slurs and insults towards Chinese women.

The lyrics included the phrases "F**k the Chinese" and "A little Chinese girl, I can handle her, on your mother's bed."

The fan claimed the lyrics were "celebrating Real Madrid's victory," assuming the Chinese vlogger did not understand Spanish, and then lured her to sing it with him.

Later, the Chinese vlogger learned the truth through a friend who understood Spanish and posted a video of the incident online.

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