Joshua Kimmich blasts 'racist' survey on Germany national team

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Joshua Kimmich blasts 'racist' survey on Germany national team
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Joshua Kimmich has hit out at a recent survey which claimed that one in five German people want more white players in the national team.

The survey was conducted on behalf of WDR as part of a documentary by national broadcaster ARD entitled "United and Justice and Diversity - The National Team Between Racism and Identification."

And the poll has revealed disturbing attitudes among the German public regarding the racial composition of the national team.

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Some 21 percent of the 1,304 participants said they would prefer it if more players with white skin were playing for the Germany national team.

In the survey, 17 percent also expressed disappointment that İlkay Gündoğan, who was born in Germany to Turkish parents, is the captain of the national team.

Gündoğan was made captain by former coach Hansi Flick in September 2023 and is set to wear the armband again in the Euro 2024.

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Kimmich was asked about the poll in a press conference on Saturday and the Bayern Munich star did not hold back in his condemnation of both the survey and its findings.

This hasn't been a topic within the team itself. Anyone who's grown up with football knows this is absolute nonsense.

Football in particular is a good example of how you can unite different nations, different skin colors and different religions.

That's what our team is all about. I would miss a lot of players if they weren't here.

This is absolutely racist and has no place in our changing room.

It wasn't just the premise of the survey that angered Kimmich, but the timing of it too.

When you consider that we are about to host a European Championship at home, it's absurd to ask such a question when the aim is actually to unite the whole country.

It's about achieving great things together. As a team, we're trying to get everyone in Germany behind us.

A survey like this is absolutely counterproductive.

The host nation will get the tournament underway June 14 against Scotland in Munich, then play Hungary in Stuttgart on June 19 and Switzerland in Frankfurt on June 23.

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