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Ex-Palermo striker Miccoli linked to alleged Mafia activity

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The agent of former Palermo star Fabrizio Miccoli has promised to "clear everything up" following shocking reports linking the striker to alleged Mafia activity.

Fabrizio Miccoli is under investigation for his friendship with son of a Mafia boss
Fabrizio Miccoli is under investigation for his friendship with son of a Mafia boss

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Miccoli is out of contract with the Rosaneri and under investigation as a result of his friendship with Mauro Lauricella, son of Cosa Nostra boss Antonino Lauricella.

There were remarkable developments on Saturday claimed by newspaper la Repubblica, who published transcripts of supposed wiretaps between the two men.

In these conversations, Miccoli is supposed to have referred to "that scum Falcone". This would be anti-Mafia judge Giovanni Falcone, whose 1992 assassination in a roadside bomb attack started a wave of anti-Mafia feeling in Sicily.

The newspaper also reported the extortion investigation relates to claims that the 33-year-old asked Lauricella to retrieve money owed to him by a nightclub.

The origin of the wiretaps is unknown and Miccoli's agent Francesco Calindaro has refused to comment on them, as he and his client have not yet had access to them.

Calindaro told reporters: "I cannot say anything, as the wiretaps do not appear in the evidence we have seen.

"I can guarantee that everything will be clarified in front of the magistrates and we are at the full disposal of the authorities.

"We have already organized a meeting with the magistrates to clear everything up."

Miccoli's profile has now been removed from Palermo's official website, while the page with a large photo of the forward also disappeared.

"It's a great shame and I hope it is just a mistake," said Palermo president Maurizio Zamparini.

"Knowing Miccoli, I doubt he could extort money from anyone.

"What he said about Falcone? No comment. Let's wait and see exactly what he said.

"I am disconcerted that journalists know about evidence before the lawyers do and I’d be even more disconcerted if he really said those things."

Miccoli does not deny his friendship with Lauricella, but denies being aware of his Mafia connections.

Zamparini added: "Footballers in the south have friendships with people who they do not know whether they are criminals or normal people.

"Heaven knows how many criminals I have shaken hands with and to how many of those I would not have offered my hand.

"In any case I thought that it was a good idea for Miccoli to leave Palermo."

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