Brentford fan gets Neal 'Maupay you're a cheat' tattoo

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Brentford fan gets Neal 'Maupay you're a cheat' tattoo
Photo: @nealmaupay_
Neal Maupay has been left almost speechless after a Brentford fan fulfilled a promise he made by getting a tattoo dedicated to the striker.

One cheeky Brentford supporter posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, he would get a tattoo of whatever Maupay's choice if the Frenchman replied to him.

And keen to never miss a joke, the 27-year-old quoted the tweet with an infamous quip from AFTV, "Maupay, you're a cheat."

Back in 2020, Ty from AFTV had been left fuming at Maupay's actions during Brighton & Hove Albion's clash with Arsenal, which left then-Gunners goalkeeper Bernd Leno injured.

To everyone's surprise, the Brentford fan actually went through with the dare, and even went a step further as he also got Maupay's Brentford shirt tattooed on his arm.

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