Why Chinese soccer fans pouring money into Singapore keeper's food stall

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Why Chinese soccer fans pouring money into Singapore keeper's food stall
Photo: @ChannelNewsAsia
Chinese soccer fans have poured their love - and money - into a Singaporean goalkeeper's food stall as a thank you for helping to keep China's 2026 World Cup hopes alive.

Hassan Sunny became an overnight celebrity on Chinese social media after his saves in a 3-1 defeat to Thailand on Tuesday, indirectly helped China advance to the third qualifying round for the World Cup in 2026.

China would have been eliminated if Thailand had won by three goals, and the-40-year-old shot-stopper made enough saves to prevent that from happening.

As a result, China will join group leaders South Korea in the final round of Asian qualifiers for the World Cup.

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After the match, Chinese fans have highlighted that Sunny owned a Muslim food stall, called Dapur Hassan, and encouraged those who visit Singapore in the future to support his business.

The stall, which is located in the eastern suburbs of Singapore, has seen many Chinese fans visit since his heroics against Thailand, so much so that local reports said they ran out of food on Thursday.

Chinese fans have been lining up and buying out all the food at the stall run by Hassan and his wife, Aidah Rahim, and her two aunts.

Dapur Hassan - opened in August last year - even jumped to No 1 in the Singaporean snack and food section on Dianping, a Chinese restaurant review app.

Meanwhile, the food stall's QR payment code has been circulated online, with Chinese fans using it to send money to express their appreciation.

Speaking to Singapore's state broadcaster CNA, Hassan said:

I did enjoy it for a while. I was like, "Oh OK, money coming in."

But having said that, I was thinking, "When is this going to stop? Is this legal?"

I think we have to stop somewhere.

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