YouTuber sneaks into Germany vs Scotland match dressed as Euro 2024 mascot

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YouTuber sneaks into Germany vs Scotland match dressed as Euro 2024 mascot
A German YouTuber has published a video documenting how he made his way onto the pitch during the opening ceremony of Euro 2024.

Marvin Wildhage entered the Allianz Arena pitch where Friday's Germany vs Scotland game was being held dressed in a bear costume resembling the official Euro 2024 mascot, Albärt.

The 27-year-old, who has more than 870,000 subscribers on YouTube, ordered his bear costume online from China and made his own fake tournament credentials by copying the design from photos posted on social media by Euro 2024 employees.

As well as disguising himself in the knock-off costume, Wildhage rented a black VW and stuck fake emblems used by the German National Team.

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The credentials didn't pass a scan at the entrance to the stadium but Wildhage and an associate were waved in by a security guard who was convinced by an imitation parking pass.

Wildhage even had wandered out to the edge of the pitch, dancing and taking photos with the crowds in the packed-out stadium.

The prankster eventually apprehended and was held in a detention arena within the arena before being released long after Germany's 5-1 win over Scotland finished.

Following the incident, UEFA have confirmed that Wildhage and his accomplices have been banned from entering any of the tournament's remaining matches.

We can confirm that there was an incident with a fake mascot costume at the match in Munich on June 14, 2024 between Germany and Scotland.

Three people have gained unauthorized access to the Munich Football Arena. UEFA has assessed the situation and initiated the necessary organisational measures.

Three individuals have been banned from entering stadiums hosting UEFA EURO 2024 matches.

Please understand that we cannot provide any further information due to the ongoing proceedings of the investigating authorities.

It was not the first time Wildhage flagged up security gaps around the European Championship.

He previously infiltrated a Germany training session in Jena before the tournament, standing at the edge of the pitch as the players did passing exercises.

The tournament draw in December was also interrupted when moaning noises were played at the ceremony at a Hamburg concert call.

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