Germany fan had hand BROKEN by wayward Niclas Füllkrug shot

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Germany fan had hand BROKEN by wayward Niclas Füllkrug shot
Photo: Instagram/kickse
One Germany fan missed the hosts' Euro 2024 opener against Scotland on Friday after his left hand broken by a loose shot from Niclas Füllkrug.

Kai Flathmann splashed out €195 for a front-row seat behind the goal at the Allianz Arena, but ended up watching the game on his mobile phone from a hospital bed.

The lifelong Germany supporter ended up missing the entire game after Füllkrug struck him with a wayward shot during shooting practice.

Flathmann was minding his own business but not paying attention when the ball rocketed towards him and left him with a broken hand.

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He had been warned by a friend stood beside him that Füllkrug's effort was hurtling towards them, but reacted too late to dodge out of the way.

Flathmann was attended to by medical staff inside the stadium and was stretchered to an ambulance, which took him to hospital to assess the injury.

Recounting the unexpected turn of events to BILD, Flathmann shared how he had eventually watched the match from a hospital bed.

I sang along to the anthem on a stretcher! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

I unfortunately had to give up my dream of watching the opening game! But when do you ever get your hand broken by Füllkrug?

Germany ran out 5-1 winners in the match and, after his wayward effort in the warm-up, the Borussia Dortmund striker rediscovered his shooting boots to score Germany's fourth of the night with a bulleted strike at a terrifying speed of nearly 70mph.

Luckily, he adjusted in the game and made it 4-0!

On Wednesday we will continue in Stuttgart and I will be there to cheer the team from behind the goal again.

In response to Flathmann's story going viral, the German national team are set to send him a signed Füllkrug jersey as well as a message of support.

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