Scotland fans bizarrely placed in 'horror film' dungeon for Euro 2024 stay

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Scotland fans bizarrely placed in 'horror film' dungeon for Euro 2024 stay
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A group of Scotland supporters have been left fuming after their accommodation for Euro 2024 turned out to be "something out of a horror film."

Rory Bradley and his three friends jetted out to Germany last week alongside 150,000 Scotland fans to watch their national team play in the European Championship.

The four men travelled on Saturday to the district of Düren, West of Cologne, where Scotland will play Switzerland on Wednesday in their second Euros group game.

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However, they arrived at the accommodation in Düren to find cardboard beds held together with duct tape and a "mouldy, dirty" sofa bed "falling apart".

Speaking to BBC Scotland's Drivetime programme, Rory said:

As soon as we opened the door, there was a mould patch in the bottom left of the wall.

We turned the corner into the room and one of the beds was made out of cardboard. It was held together with duct tape.

The other one was a sofa bed which was falling apart and mouldy, dusty and dirty. We thought, "We can't stay here."

So they phoned and spent three hours speaking to three different advisers.

Around midnight they were eventually told that the online travel agency had found them another property on the other side of Düren.

But worse was to follow after making their way to the second property.

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They discovered they had been sent to a rental property which resembled an abandoned medical facility.

Footage of the accommodation shows a dark room filled with hospital beds, industrial equipment, a shopping trolley and planks of wood.

A set of stairs leads down to a tiled room filled with cabling and tools including an axe.

It was honestly like something out of a horror film about human trafficking or something. It was as bad as it could possibly be.

We went through the gate and underneath a kind of mezzanine or old storage locker.

There were abandoned hospital beds, abandoned equipment and rubble and planks of wood lying all the over the place.

You opened the front door and within six feet we found an axe, a massive big drill bit and lots of different industrial equipment that could have been used to hurt someone.

We are four big guys and we were scared straight away. That could have been a more vulnerable group of young people or girls or women.

Deciding there was absolutely no chance they would sleep there, the four men got back on the phone to

After two hours of trying to agree on a solution with the online travel agency, they managed to source accommodation for the remaining four days in the Cologne area, which cost double the price of the original place they booked.

A spokesperson for said they have been in touch with Rory and his mates to look into what happened.

This is not the experience we would want for anyone booking a stay on our platform and are in touch with the customer, so we can look into what happened and to make sure they are properly supported.

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