SIX selfie-hunting Cristiano Ronaldo fans invade pitch in Portugal win

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SIX selfie-hunting Cristiano Ronaldo fans invade pitch in Portugal win
Photo: @selecaoportugal
Portugal's 3-0 victory over Turkey on Saturday was marred by SIX attempts by pitch invaders trying to get a selfie with Cristiano Ronaldo.

As one of the greatest players of all-time, it comes as no surprise that many fans are desperate to meet Ronaldo.

With the score at 3-0 and Portugal all but home and dry, a young fan took the chance to dash onto the pitch to take a selfie with the 39-year-old.

On that occasion, Ronaldo was more than happy to take a moment and provide the child with a moment he will never forget.

The first incident, though, led to other supporters also trying their luck.

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Another pitch invader was able to reach Ronaldo and got his phone out to grab a selfie, although this time the former Manchester United and Real Madrid ace appeared irked.

The situation developed into something of a farce in injury-time when two more supporters managed to breach security and made it onto the Signal Iduna Park pitch.

Both invaders were fortunately dealt with swiftly and the game was not halted for too long.

Ronaldo and the rest of the Portuguese and Turkish players appeared incredibly frustrated with the invasions, before two more entered the field of play after the final whistle.

The Al-Nassr star did not snap at any of the fans but grew increasingly frustrated with each pitch invader as the game was stopped multiple times in the second half.

Speaking to reporters after the match, Portugal boss Robert Martínez expressed concerns about what transpired with fans easily gaining access to the pitch.

It is a concern. It is a concern because today we were lucky that the intentions of the fans were good.

I think we all love a fan that recognises the big stars and the big icons in their lives. I think we all agree with that. But you can understand that there is a very, very difficult moment.

If those intentions are wrong, the players are exposed and we need to be careful with that.

I don't think it should happen in a football pitch. I think there is a lot of security and there is a lot of protection.

What you do is that probably the measures get worse for the future. It is not good to get the players so exposed when you have people running on the pitch.

As a result of all the chaos there will likely be an investigation into the invasions which represents another major security breach for UEFA, having seen supporters get onto the pitch for the Champions League final at Wembley recently.

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